better late than never.

I decided I wanted to write about my senior year over the past summer, but got too busy to put together a new blog. Anyways, here I am.. late, as always, but at least I’m here. 

I wanted to document my year because I really think its going to be a pivotal one. Just since summer, I’ve finished up an internship, had a magazine article written about me, started my senior year (ahh!) at community college (my first real school experience I might add). All that to say, God is opening some amazing doors for me already and its only the beginning. I’m really starting to feel his hand in my life, and I’m so excited to see where he will lead me as I finish up my high school career, graduate, and move out. Its gonna be a wild, crazy ride and I’m so ready.

So here’s my blog, keep up with me if you want. I can’t promise how regularly I’m going to post because if this turns out anything like my journals, it will be a massive amount in the beginning and then after a month you won’t hear from me. But this is a new beginning so here’s to finishing this blog. 


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