i’m back. & almost done.

Well, like I said in my first post my blog posts will be scattered. Two posts for my first semester? Pretty shabby. 

Second semester should be in full swing by now but thank God it’s not. It’s really weird that I have 4 months left of high school. Weird that I’m only living at home for a couple more months. I’ve always been home schooled. I’ve been at home every single day and eaten most every meal with my siblings, its weird to think I won’t ever do that again. Home schooling has been such a blessing. 

So far my senior year has been one to remember. I’ve had ups and downs. I’ve had good days and bad days. So far I have been accepted to every single school I’ve applied to. Totally unexpected. I originally began applying to eleven schools but towards the end I got tired of writing essays, so I deleted a couple. But so far I have been accepted to Samford University (Birmingham, AL), University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa, AL), University of Virginia (Cville, VA), Bridgewater (Bridgewater, VA), and Regent University (Va Beach). My top two are Samford and Alabama. My mom is pushing for Samford and my dad is pushing for Bama. (But he just wants football tickets.) 

I always wondered how people had such a hard time picking out schools, but now I know firsthand how tough it is. All I know is I’m going to end up in Alabama somewhere. I’m really excited to fly down there in two weeks and visit both schools and get my VA license and voter’s registration switched to Alabama. It’ll be tough being that far away from my family but I’m excited for the adventure.

This past week I had my first graduation meeting. That was surreal. I’m so excited to graduate! I’m so excited to finish school and everything. It is going to be a reaaaaally long semester but I’m excited to be done!


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