The End of an Era & Tribute to My Mom

Well, today I finish my last high school class and a week from today I take my last exam and finish high school forever. It’s very exciting but also a little daunting. People say all the time, “Wow time feels like it went so fast.” I’m not feeling like that. I’m feeling like my time was well spent. Everybody has regrets or things they wish they’d done differently, and I have my days where I wish I had gotten along with my family better, hadn’t procrastinated with homework or put in extra effort where it was sometimes needed, but looking at the big picture I’ve had a good time in school.

In 25 DAYS I will walking down an isle to pomp and circumstance to receive my diploma and formally close out high school. To say that I can’t wait is an understatement – I’m beyond excited for it all. It will be one of the most important days of my life so far. It’s weird that it’s already here, I was just telling John (my wonderful boyfriend) that I didn’t feel old enough last year (even though I was) to graduate and go off to college, and I still don’t feel like I’m old enough. I’m ready, I just feel too young to move away. It’s all very weird and new.

It’s been weird to buy things for my dorm room. You start accumulating boxes of stuff and you just stack them in your room. My future is in boxes in my room while my time in my room is winding down very fast. In fact, I’m moving out of my room in July (also very weird). We moved into this house right after I turned 10 and my room has definitely changed since I hit double digits. When we first painted the walls I was demanding a lime green color, literally named “atomic vomit.” Gross. As of now, my room is a light grey and everything is super chill and white. My mom says I can’t move out and keep the largest room for myself, so Kate and I will be swapping rooms mid-summer. It’s very weird to me. She’s 11 moving into the room I moved into when I was 10. But that’s okay, I just wanted to come home to a room with all my stuff in it and that was the only option my mom gave me.

Speaking of my mom, this whole graduation thing wouldn’t have happened without her. She’s amazing. Disclaimer about myself: I am probably the most difficult, strong-willed, independent, argumentative child she has. No, I’m actually sure about that. She wasn’t calm all the time (who is?) – she did ground my to my room at least once, spank me, wash my mouth out with soap, and make me drink spoonfuls of hot sauce (by far the worst punishment because I hate spicy things) but she was literally the most patient person (or at least way more patient then I could ever be with a child like me). With all my talking back, throwing pencils, hiding schoolbooks so I wouldn’t have to do work, and incessant crying, home schooling has been no walk in the park, but it has been the biggest blessing ever.


Thanks to my mom pushing me to excel, I was accepted to every college I applied to (eleven schools including UVA, Bridgewater, University of Alabama, Samford, Baylor, Belmont, and obviously 5 more haha). But all of that is literally a tribute to her patience and consistency with me and my education. So – thank you momma, I haven’t said it enough but I am so grateful you followed where God was leading and home schooled us kids. You’re the bee’s knees!


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