i’m still alive.

I am just finishing up the first week of my second semester here at Samford. My first semester was absolutely crazy! I meant to write during that time or at least keep a diary but neither of those things happened. Honestly, I don’t remember a time where time has flown by as quickly as it has over the past 4-5 months. It’s insane to look back on, because it feels like it was ages ago that I was moving in. For anyone who is interested in a quick update on what happened over the past four and a half months in my life, you’re in the right spot.

I’m currently attending school at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. It’s awesome. My mom is from here and my parents met here and my Nana taught nursing here, co-wrote the graduate program, and also sued the school for unequal payrolls between men and women. I’m majoring in Interior Design and minoring in Fine Arts. I’m absolutely loving it.

Obviously, I’m 12 hours away from home so I can’t just go home for breaks! I had fall break about two months into school and went to Gulf Shores with my best friend. It was the best weekend and I’m so grateful to have found such a sweet friend who I can laugh at and with, but also cry with and she was definitely there through it all last semester!


I also rushed (which was a great experience) after a month here and pledged Phi Mu, just like my momma! I am so honored to be part of the Alpha Gamma chapter of Phi Mu and have so many amazing sisters! I also have the most wonderful little Phi Mu family (pictured below), I really couldn’t be more blessed!


Just a few days later, my family (finally) came to visit for Homecoming Weekend! It was so great to see them! I really was enjoying college and school and I would’t say I didn’t miss home or family, but I wasn’t moping around ever. I really have had the perfect college transition! But seeing my family when I did was perfect! I did miss them a lot and I was so happy my siblings could finally come see my school and my parents could see how I fit in to the place they used to go.

IMG_2273My roommate is from Nashville and so right at the time we were all ready to go home for Christmas and suffering from a mixture of exam anxiety and home-sickness, Emma (my super cool roommate), Savannah (my best friend) and myself took a quick weekend trip to Nashville! We went to the Parthenon, the Country Music Hall of Fame, a high school football game (it was freezing), and we went to a music bar. Everything was so fun and I can’t wait to go back!


I did so many fun things throughout the semester. Here’s a little glimpse of the rest!

IMG_2326Phi Mu Semi-Sweet Formal with these cool cats!


Phi Mu 5k for CMNH in the twenty degree morning.


Almost died (aka broke my knees) trying to play frisbee golf (a no-contact sport. Just as a point of reference, this was not 10 minutes after I fell down a hill..

All in all, last semester was amazing and this semester is going to be even better! I’ve grown up so much since moving here and even though last semester did bring hardships I never thought would come, even though I had to swim hard just to keep my head above water a few times, even though I struggled to understand God’s control and sovereignty in situations where my entire world was flipped upside down and I was struggling to get out of bed some days, Christ has been by my side every single step of the way. He is my rock and foundation and without Him, I would be so utterly lost.

I’m starting out this semester with high hopes, high spirits, and high expectations. There are things I had last semester that I didn’t know I could live without and honestly thought I’d never lose, but there are things I have this semester that I honestly thought I’d never get and it just blows me away. All I can say, is that, Jesus Christ is profound, and the things he does in our lived is profound. And every single day I just look around and am stunned by the blessings that are so prevalent. If you give your belongings, your desires, your worries, your everything to Christ, He transforms it all into this beautiful masterpiece that is so incredible and so mind-blowing.

I’m currently starting up a new round of classes, starting my first full semester as an initiated member of a sorority. It’s already crazy but I’m so excited for this semester! The nest amazing thing on my agenda is Step Sing. If you haven’t heard of it, you should check it out here. If you have, you should come or watch online (link here) and cheer on Phi Mu! It’s going to be a great show overall and it’s a huge and fun tradition here at Samford!

I promise I’ll try to update more! Thanks for reading!


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