a quarter of the way through.

I am about to be quarter of the way through college. That is the weirdest thing to think about ever. I’m freaking out a little bit. I feel like just yesterday I was saying goodbye to my siblings at home, moving in, saying goodbye to my parents, and placing bets with my brothers over whether or not my parents would cry (I bet they wouldn’t) when they left me (he won). It also feels like just yesterday that I was gong through recruitment, going to the beach for fall break, going home for Christmas and practicing for step sing. It’s all so weird to think about.

I have learned so much from being 12 hours/3 states away from home, from going to a school where I knew nobody, from dealing with a breakup without my family or closest friends around, from finding a church home, and the countless other hurdles I’ve had to jump. But I was well-prepared for this and I am so thankful that, while this has been a learning experience for me, it hasn’t been an overwhelming experience.

But this whole freshman year of college thing has gotten me thinking about the things I wish I knew as a high school senior about to make the huge jump. So here are ten pieces of advice I believe everyone should really take to heart.

#1. Seriously enjoy the moment you’re in because it’s gone in a second and I can promise you – you will miss the simplicity of your life in that moment.

#2. You enjoy that dishwasher in your house. Washing dishes in a bathroom sink is disgusting and inconvenient. That is one amenity I took for granted.

#3. Call your family. Just do it. They love it and it makes you feel good about how thoughtful of a kid you are.

#4. Enjoy those barefoot showers because they’re about to be gone. And even though it’s a shower and you THINK you’re clean, you’re never really clean because shower shoes.

#5. When you go home for breaks, do chores without your parents asking you. Your parents will praise you for being so mature, and I guarantee you that your siblings aren’t unloading the dishwasher voluntarily which will make you the favorite child.

#6. Eat as much real meat as you can. College will try to tell you that whatever they’re serving is real meat but I can promise you that it isn’t.

#7. You might think that you can do 8AM classes because hey, you were in class earlier than that in high school. But you’re fooling yourself. Something happens in college and 8AM’s are actual hell, stay away at all costs.

#8. Invest in a good water bottle. College dehydrates you.

#9. Sit in the middle of the cafeteria. You’ll see and meet so many more new people.

#10. Do adventurous things. Don’t just sit in your room and the library all the time. Go places, explore, and do new things.