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  1. Kinsey6 says:

    In your home schooling, were you required to learn about the silly, unprovable, and unscientific theory of creationism, or were you allowed to learn the truth — evolution?

    Also, how was sex education handled? And was the subject of people who are born gay brought up at all?

    • calliehobbs says:

      Your comment has absolutely nothing to do with this blog, but I would like to inform you and answer your questions. Sorry it’s so late.

      To answer your first question, I learned about both creationism and evolution. I’m a Christian and so I choose to believe in creationism, but I do believe in microevolution. Homeschoolers learn about the same basic sciences as everyone else. Also, to respond to your part about creationism being unprovable – perhaps I can’t prove it, but I probably wouldn’t be able to prove evolution either. It’s really a mute point. To each his own.

      Two answer your second question, I know how sex works. I know about different types of sex. I know what condoms are, and I know how they work. I know what birth control is, and I know how it works. And I know what abortion is, and how it works. So I’d say it was handled pretty well. If you’re asking if I took a class, the answer would be no.

      Thirdly, I don’t know how you can be alive and now have ever heard of being gay. I have gay friends. I personally believe that people aren’t born gay, I believe it’s a choice. My belief stems from my faith, but not because I just adopted it because it’s my religion. I believe it based on my knowledge of right and wrong. I’m sure I’ll get a lot of hate for that but that’s life. I love people who are gay, and I absolutely despise that they are treated so horribly by people of the Christian faith. It’s disgusting.

  2. David Kraus says:

    Excellent article about the prom fiasco. You clarified the situation. And you are so spot on. Yellow journalism. It keeps me focused on all journalistic reporting regardless of topic and to always step back and remain somewhat suspect of its accuracy. The quote “Don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see” is very applicable to what is passed off today as responsible journalism….especially anything found through social media. We need more people like you to keep the truth front and center and the mass rumor mill at bay. Thanks and be well.

    • calliehobbs says:

      I’m only replying to you because your comment made me laugh 🙂 Unfortunately none of the moms at prom chose to respond to the prom fiasco. I’m actually 18 and getting ready to head to college in a few weeks. But to answer your question, yes. Lying is a sin 😉

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